Prefabricated Wooden Houses

We offer a wide variety of choices from small bungalows to larger family homes. You can choose the size, style and finishing to suit your budget and any environment. We design the internal layout of the building for you and assist you with the various options including, construction type, insulated double-glazed doors and windows, roofing, finish etc.


You could have a luxury eco home in a really short time due to the timber frame construction technology. Our houses match any lifestyle, being based on your plans, needs and requirements. These residentials, even timber frame constructions of impressive sizes, even timber frame cabins to live in all year round can get different finishes on wood paneling, plasterboard or plaster. We use the best solution to keep these homes naturally lit and well ventilated.


This type of prefabricated timber frame cabin is destinated to live in all year round. Due to it's reassembling modular structure, it can be transported easily between different locations, which is a major benefit. These prefabricated homes present an optimal partitioning of the available interior space and also, an economic price. Last, but not least, there are several countries where transportable timber frame cabins don't require planning permission 🙂


If you would like to spend spend some time away from the city and have a proper time off, we provide you comfortable holiday houses.


Let’s see some advantages of these chalets: the shortest assembly time and the lowest price. You can enjoy your new house in just a few days after arrival.


Restaurants, offices, clubhouses, storey cabins make another sense of timber frame construction. Vote for this kind of solution, if you would like to start a new business or to expand an existing one, with cost and time efficiency at the same time.

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