When we started this company we made a vow to build the best quality wooden houses in Europe. To date, we have produced over seven hundred wooden structures and we can affirm that we achieved our goal. Our prefabricated wooden structures and modular houses stood the test of time in extreme conditions such as freezing cold and humid hot. We received great reviews from our clients who always came back to us to say thank you for building their dream home.

We consider that our success is based on three key components that is practiced by our entire staff: Client, Technology and Management

Our clients

We prioritise our clients POV and opinion. This has been a key component to our strategy and work as we got great feedback throughout the years. We consider that if do not listen to our clients we do not have any business.


Our technical department consists of specialized and experienced engineers in the field of technical design and construction management. After a first brief with the client about their dream we ensure that every detail will go into the first 2D and 3D draft. We use dedicated software to bring to life our clients' desired architectural style.

With this top of the notch software we facilitate the models and offer view, review of the project. As per customers request we modify our model before it goes into production.

The next step is the actual production of the wooden structure. This phase runs in the company's industrial halls, designed and equipped in order to ensure optimal conditions for the execution of prefabricated wooden constructions. Our production facilities are designed and built according to the norms of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.


Our management was built to help facilitating the communication between our clients and our technical team. We consider that the relationship between our engineers and our client is key to a successful project. We need to understand our customer’s desires but they also have to understand what the engineering limitations in wooden structures are. This collaboration is pillar to our work and management.

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